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      Wheely Bug

      Wheely Bug ride on toys wheely are lots of fun!

      Wheely bugs are multi-award winning and with many reasons, they are unlike other ride-on toys beacuse they run on castors and dont actually have 'wheels'. Wheely Bug toys can move in any drection and can spin 360 degrees on the spot. This unique feature makes them very safe and user friendly for even very young children. The easy manoeverability means that these best-selling ride-on toys promote gross motor skills and can provide an important developemental tool, all through play. 
      Wheely bugs are constructed from sustainably sourced poplar plywood which is layered with padding and covered with wipe clean polyurenthane leatheroid  to create soft  and safe rounded contours.  Best of all, these best selling ride on toys offer a selection of bright, colourful, fun and friendly designs which children absolutely adore.

      These fabulous toys are robust and built to last, meaning that they will provide years of fun for a whole family of children and are often handed down to friends and cousins to enjoy when outgrown.

      Wheely Bugs are available in two sizes, the small is suitable for ages1-3  and the larger toy for age 3 upwards. Babyblooms stock both sizes in the colourful best-selling Bee and Ladybird designs. Each Wheely Bug Toy has a firm alluminium curved handle  which is designed with little hands in mind, it is smooth, tactile and won't rust.   

      Most family homes nowadays have wooden, laminate or tiled flooring which are absolutley perfect for the wheelybugs, their castors mean that they wont get stuck in any grooves and wont scratch or damage the surface. They will run on carpet but wont be quite as whizzy and will require a bit more effort from the rider!

      Kids just love these cute characters and they are always popular gifts for baby's first Christmas or first birthday presents, especially as it is often around that tiem that children are taking their first tentative steps