This Belgian brand specialises in producing high quality cuddly and educational toys.

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      Nattou is a Belgian brand which specialises in the production of high-quality cuddly toys which focus on education and practicality.

      Nattou is vegan certified which means that no animal materials are ever used and no testing is ever conducted on animals in the production of their toys.

      Established in 1998 this brand values design through quality, safety and education.  

      Babyblooms has selected their favourite products from the Nattou range.  The Velour Octopus is specifically designed for the natural grasp-reflex of newborn babies. The tentacles of an Octopus mimic  the umbilical cord from the mother’s womb, giving a baby the feeling of safety & trust. 

      The Activity Octopus includes 8 different activities (e.g. rattle, bells, crackling paper, trumpet) and will keep little ones entertained and engaged.