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All the practical and handy baby essentials that a new mother needs in those crucial first days and months.

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      Baby Essentials for New Mothers

      Welcoming a new baby into the world is a wonderfully exciting time for any family.  With it comes a shopping list, longer than your arm, for baby essentials. Knowing what you need, how many of each thing you will need and what you don't need can be an exhausting task for new mothers. Whilst you may be inundated with gifts, from family and friends, these often don't include the baby essentials for the first three months and onwards. 

      Our range of baby essentials contains all these handy items to make life easier in those early days. Muslins are such an important and often overlooked item in a new mother's kit bag - whether for cleaning up unwanted messes (of which there will be many!), using as a modesty cloth, when breastfeeding, or for swaddling. We have a selection of muslins, including our new Little Love Muslins featuring an all-over motif from lead designer, Amanda Bradley. 

      Skincare, including various ointments, lotions and potions, is another area often overlooked by gift-givers. Our range of baby bath essentials are exclusive to Babyblooms and are all made in the UK using only natural ingredients. Products such as our Baby Care Cream and Calming Bath Bubbles are loved by new mothers for their lovely fragrance and for being kind on baby's skin. 

      Other essential baby items include our super-soft baby wraps - perfect for swaddling or to use as an impromptu baby changing mat. These have the added bonus of coming personalised, should you want to add an extra special touch. 

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