Christmas Stockings

Whilst stocks last, this Christmas, we are offering you £10 off (each and every) Christmas stocking gift. Use code: BBSTOCKX22. Get ahead and spread the cost of Christmas!

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      Christmas Stockings

      The Babyblooms team has created a broad range of Christmas stockings and gifts sets, all of which can be personalised with the name of your choice, at no extra cost.  

      The Babyblooms stocking measures 35 cm (from top to heel) with a width of 18cm.  Opting for tradition, our stocking is made of a luxurious velvety fabric and features an off-white cuff on each of the colours available in the range.

      Available in pink, blue or red, any personalisation chosen will be colour matched to the stocking colour and beautifully embroidered on the cuff.

      Should you be looking for a more substantial stocking gift, we also feature in the range, Mummy's Christmas Pampering Stocking Gift Set, Bertie Bear's Personalised Stocking Gift, also available in pink, blue or red and Personalised Berkeley Bear's Christmas Eve Hamper.