Theodora's Clowns

The Best Medicine

By Dr Hunny
Sheffield Children's Hospital
January 2011

I entered the ward on S1 and checked at the nurses' station where I was and wasn't allowed to go and began seeing each child.

In one of the bays my eyes made contact with a very sad looking girl. I approached with sensitivity as I didn't want to upset her any more. There were two ladies sat by the little girl’s bed. I introduced myself and they introduced themselves as Grandma and Auntie.

"My name is Dr Hunny, what's your name?" I said to the little girl.

Behind her dummy I could only hear a tiny mumble – I asked her if she could take the dummy out so that I could hear her and to my surprise, she did!

Still very shy and unsure, I began to squeak my nose – she smiled. I then took out of my pocket my catchable bubbles – as each bubble appeared, she watched and smiled more – some of the bubbles landed on her which she seemed to love even more. At this point, Grandma and Auntie had stood up and were watching with delight at the foot of her bed.

"That's the first smile in 3 days!" Grandma said.

The little girl began talking to me and we were having a lovely conversation which led us to doing some magic together – she sat right up in the bed and was totally wowed with the magic we were doing – it was so amazing.

"I wish Mum and Dad were here, she hasn't spoken for days, she certainly hasn't laughed for days – you're better than any doctor, you are the best medicine. What a transformation, thank you so, so much." said Grandma.

(Both Grandma and Auntie had tears in their eyes, happy ones).

I wanted to leave the little girl with a memory she could treasure and share with her parents so I made her a teddy bear balloon. So that Mum and Dad could see who it was that came to visit her, I signed one of my 'Dr Hunny' photos for her. She was thrilled and said thank you to me. I said to her I was thankful to her for letting me see her and for helping me with my magic. Grandma thanked me once again and said I was doing an amazing job. They then sat back down and as I moved to the next bed, I could hear the little girl going through her whole experience of meeting me and giggling at hearing my Sponge Bob Square Pants whoopee cushion trumping as I walked round the corner!!!

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