Ever found yourself struggling to get the little ones in and out of the car safely? Maybe before they were even born? You're not alone. Join our campaign for safer parking for families.

Campaign Mission

Give me Space is a parent-led campaign for safer parking facilities for families. The campaign will bring together your views on the need for safer parking for parents with young children and pregnant women, which will then be used to lobby government to introduce new parent and child parking recommendations for all car park owners. At the centre of the campaign is an online petition for parents or care-givers to sign, as well as a Facebook page to allow you to share your stories.

We've done our research - Every day parents, caregivers and pregnant women are putting themselves and their children at risk due to a shortage of parent and child spaces.

Research indicates that in the UK, 90 percent of pregnant women have reported struggling to get their bump in and out of a vehicle due to lack of space in a normal parking bay. Our report also revealed that 90 percent of parents often cannot find a free parents and child space and of those, 93 percent then struggle to get their children out of the car safely due to lack of space to remove car seats and pushchairs.

When asked, four in every five parents (83%) would like the government to introduce new parent and child parking recommendations for all car park owners. Sign our petition for safer parking for families!

Latest campaign news from our Facebook page.

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We are so sorry but due to high demand we have sent out all our sticker packs and are waiting for more. Please still register and we will send out your pack as soon as they are back in stock.

As a temporary measure, for those occasions when you don't get a parent and child space, register for your free 'car sticker pack' to ask other drivers to 'give me space'!

Please complete the form below or email your name and address to: [email protected]
(Please allow up to 10 days for your stickers to arrive)

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