Mother’s Day - a Dad’s Survival Guide…

Our top five tips for maximum brownie points.

For all those Dads out there facing their first Mother’s Day, it can be confusing trying to navigate through the unchartered waters of fatherhood so we here at Babyblooms have put together some top tips to make sure you avoid the pitfalls and earn the maximum amount of kudos. We’re guessing you wouldn’t mind stocking up on some brownie points so if you follow our top five tips you should end the day in everyone’s good books!

  • Remember, today is all about mum. A lie in is essential, breakfast in bed would be a plus. Pop the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, change the baby’s nappy and the day will start with smiles all round.
  • A card is a no-brainer and a present would be wonderful. We have some handmade chocolates or a selection of sumptuous skincare that would be perfect to treat mum. For something even more special check out our beautiful luxury pamper hamper or for something a little different take a look at our Mother’s Day bouquet. A first Mother’s Day is a memory to be treasured forever so how about something from our beautiful selection of jewellery? Finally a nice touch is something from baby, maybe a homemade card with baby’s handprint and a ‘I love you mummy’ inside.
  • It doesn’t end there I’m afraid! Don’t let her do any housework or any cooking today, suggest a nap on the sofa in the afternoon, or a long soak in the bath. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to knock up a sarnie for lunch and even fishfingers and chips cooked with love can seem like a feast. If you know your way round the kitchen, a meal for the two of you once baby is asleep would be a winner.
  • The gift of a full night’s sleep is worth more than you can possibly imagine, so if possible, arrange one night where mum can sleep in the spare room and you take up the parenting duties. The brownie points will be well worth it.
  • Finally, don’t forget your mum! Pop a card in the post to Grandma along with some of our handmade chocolates and everyone’s happy.

And not forgetting those lovely mums-to-be, this first Mother’s day is really special (and, yes, it does still count!). Maybe a soak in the bath with our mummy to be hamper goodies or a relaxing foot rub and pamper session with our essential mum to be collection, a lie in or a meal in a restaurant, enjoying this time together before baby arrives.

Of course all mums are different and all will have different ideas of their perfect mother’s day, but we all have one thing in common. We all need and crave more time, more time for ourselves, more time meeting our own needs, more time to indulge in the things we used to do before our beloved small people came along. So this Mother’s Day, maybe have a think about how she would like to spend her time, recharging her batteries and thinking about herself for a change.

A few simple gestures, a bucket load of appreciation and some time to indulge herself in whichever way she chooses are the ingredients to a successful first Mother’s Day and when things get tough, remember, what goes around comes around and it’s only three months until Father’s Day!

To help Dad, we have designed a few simple cards which can be printed off for the children to give to Mummy.  Simply click on the Bunny below to view and print the cards.

Mothers Day