Baby Nursery Design Inspiration for 2024

5 Trending Themes

Designing a baby nursery for your little one is one of the most exciting aspects of becoming a new parent. Creating a peaceful sanctuary in your home is not just essential for your baby – as somewhere you and your baby will ultimately spend a great deal of time playing, resting, and nursing – it’s just as essential that you love the space too.
Choosing an appropriate theme for your baby nursery is a great way to allow your creative juices to flow and live out your interior designer fantasy! Whether you’re looking for an adventurous environment for your little explorer, or a zen-like haven for meditative peacefulness – you are sure to find something that piques your interest amongst our favourite picks for the trendiest nursery themes in 2024.

Jungle Explorer Baby Nursery Design Theme
1. Jungle Explorer

Image Credit: Amanda Cotton

For the intrepid explorers amongst you, look no further than a jungle-themed nursery. The luscious green of overlapping ferns punctuated by accents of bright colours, finished of course with a cast of animals from around the jungle – feel free to express your artistic licence here and don’t let geographical accuracy constrain you!

Babyblooms Inspiration: Three Little Giraffes Soft Toy Set

Safari Adventurer Baby Nursery Design Theme
2. Safari Adventurer

Image Credit: The Glam Pad

Although employing a similar cast of animal friends to the Jungle theme, a Safari theme embodies the warmer climates of the savannah. Beiges, creams, and ivories competing with gorgeous animal prints is the order of the day. The use of natural materials, from hessian to leather, works fabulously well with this theme.

Babyblooms Inspiration: Bashful Lion

Boho Chic Baby Nursery Design Theme
3. Boho Chic

Image Credit: Nicole Maxam

For those with insatiable wanderlust and an ethereal free-spiritedness – Boho is the perfect theme for you. Dreamy pastels with profound hippie overtones are the essence of this theme. To achieve this look; think rattan furniture, pampas grass and translucent overlapping fabrics. The effect is a soothing, warm environment that your little one is sure to love.

Babyblooms Inspiration: Toddlekind Prettier Playmat

Retro Revival Baby Nursery Design Theme
4. Retro Revival

Image Credit: Decoist

A fun and playful theme that looks back on the days of Walkman stereos, Polaroid cameras and Atari consoles with rose-tinted nostalgia. A fabulous way to inject some colour into your nursery - be bold with clashing oranges, yellows, creams, browns, greens, and blues. Second hand brown furniture is perfect for this theme, and a great way of keeping down costs whilst remaining uber stylish.

Babyblooms Inspiration: Wooden Stacking Ring Toy

Rustic Woodland Baby Nursery Design Theme
5. Rustic Woodland

Image Credit: Project Nursery

Earthy tones are the essence of this theme and cultivate a warm, cosy surrounding for your little one. Natural materials, such as a treated wooden cot, really emphasise the woodland theme – particularly when paired with some gorgeous woodland-inspired wallpaper. Perfect for any outdoorsy families who love to spend the day exploring before returning to a calming retreat.

Babyblooms Inspiration: Woodland Friends Nesting Babies

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