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New Baby Hot Summer Weather Hacks

Aug 16, 2017
Category: Parenting / Pregnancy and Birth

Helping babies cope with the hot summer weather can be tricky so we have put together our top tips….     Although we had the hottest June day for forty years the sun hasn’t made much of an appearance lately, but we must be due some hot weather soon and those lucky enough to be

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rain on window

Rainy day activities for kids

Aug 22, 2014
Category: Parenting

With the prospect of a cold and wet bank holiday weekend ahead we thought it may be useful to offer some suggestions to entertain the kids without breaking the bank.   Build a Den What child doesn’t love building a princess castle or a fortress indoors? Pick a room in the house that you don’t

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The Underwear Rule – Say Pants to Abuse

Jul 22, 2013
Category: General / Parenting

PANTS is an acronym made up of five simple rules that we should all teach our children and discuss with them. The Underwear rule which has been devised by the NSPCC makes it easy for parents to discuss the issue of abuse with their children in a non-explicit manner whilst opening the door for communication

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