Cotton Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets make very welcome new baby gifts on the arrival of a newborn. New parents can literally never have too many blankets, so they are also a popular choice as baby shower and maternity gifts. Some expectant mums have baby shower gift lists or subscribe to a baby gift registry service and baby blankets are always at the top of the list.
100% cotton knitted baby blankets are most often used for newborn babies because cotton is a completely natural fibre, it is gentle on babies  delicate, sensitive skin and it is breathable. New born babies spend a lot of time sleeping and so choosing  the right blanket is important to  ensure that they are comfortable and to help to regulate the baby's temperature.

This range of Babyblooms Cotton Baby Blankets and Snuggle Wraps has been designed to include all of the features on our new mums wish lists. These include: no tassles or fringes, 100% cotton, machine washable, can be tumble dried.

Size is important when choosing the right baby blanket, and the options and names out there can be very confusing, such as cot blanket, pram blanket, receiving blanket, swaddling blanket...... the list goes on!  Babyblooms blankets are all sized 75cm x 100cm and we believe this is the optimum size for a new baby, not too big for a moses basket or car seat and not too small in a cot. It is the  perfect size for snuggling, skin to skin contact and  also for swaddling. Cotton Baby Blankets can tolerate a lot of washing and so represent a practical and hygienic option which is why they are used in maternity hospitals and recommended by most midwives.

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